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February 19, 2011

Condom Fashion Show Part 2

Happy Saturday! Here's a quick recap of the fashion show and final outfit. We met up numerous times over the course of a few months and finally pulled everything together the night before the show. I was really pleased with how everything came out, especially considering that it was our first attempt. I didn't get magnificent shots of the outfit at the show so the finished pics are from my living room, and all of the shots of the other outfits were taken in the dressing room.





We thought for sure that this blue prom gown would take 1st. In our opinions she was robbed. It should be noted that the first place dress was incredible as well, we just thought the prom dress would have been first.


Yes, that is a Michael Jackson outfit on the left. The center model was 79 and absolutely darling. The model on the right won 1st place.



There was a great speaker before the show.


Teel did an amazing job on the runway. Absolutely flawless! We were thankful for a short runway since she was on skates, but I don't think it would have mattered if it had been taller. She skated smoothly the whole way.


I learned a lot during this process. If we attempt it again there are definitely things I would do differently. For one, I tried to avoid using my machine as much as possible because I was worried about the latex damaging it, but after sewing the bit I did and then talking with the other contestants I think it would have been fine. The other issue that we didn't consider initially was the powder. All of the condoms were covered inside and our with powder. Since I was avoiding using my machine, and because we thought it would go faster, we ended up hot gluing most of the condoms to the corset. The powder made this incredibly difficult and we spent a great deal of time wiping the condoms down with damp paper towels. I now think sewing them would have been better all around. Oh well, I'm still proud of our finished outfit!

Spring is finally starting to peek out so I'm going to head out now to enjoy it. Have a great evening!


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