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14 posts from February 2011

February 24, 2011

What I wore 2.24.11

I ordered some new spring dresses and they arrived earlier this week. The weather is not exactly screaming spring (it is actually freezing and started raining almost immediately after these were taken), but I couldn't wait to wear one. You may remember the coach tour dress from an earlier post. I winterized the outfit a bit with some tights and a cropped sweater. Love it!

What I wore today.

What I wore today.

What I wore today.

  • Sweater: H&M
  • Dress: Mod Cloth
  • Tights: Macy's
  • Purse & Shoes: Target

My Mom and my friend Val are in town for a few days. We're staying cozy inside crafting and baking cookies. We're also watching a Parks & Recreation marathon. Chris Pratt is my favorite!

February 22, 2011

Spring Prep

I am sooooo ancy for winter to be over! I want sandals and bb-q's and margaritas on the patio. I want to hear kids laughing and playing outside, feel dirt on my hands and smell rain rolling in. I want spring and I want it BAD!

I've been really impatient and over the past week I've been doing little things to prep myself for it's much anticipated arrival. I've picked up a couple new spring garments that should be appearing on the blog shortly, started organizing my craft room, and begun gathering supplies for some major sewing. I have a craft fair coming up in April I will be stock piling items for it over the next month.

Last week I broke down and finally picked up an instax mini. I've been eyeing it longingly for a while now and am so excited to play with it! I've only taken a few shots so far, but I already love it. I can't wait to use it once the weather is nicer and we're spending more time outside.




Jeff surprised me with the little red flowers earlier tonight. I've not had much luck with tubers in the past, but I'll give it a go. It definitely adds a touch of spring to the house. So pretty! My Mom is coming for a craft day later in the week with another good friend of mine and I could not be more excited! I love working with inspiring people! Duing the next week I hope to bulk up my inventory, shoot a ton of new photos, spend some more time on the March giveaway and tutorial and maybe get a little web work in. It pays to be surrounded by coffee. Game on!

February 19, 2011

I'm a Stitchin' Woman!

Exciting news! I'm the current Stitchin' Woman featured on Babylocks' blog Totally Stitchin'! As a Stitchin' Woman I will be contributing posts to their blog along with some project ideas and patterns. I am REALLY excited about this! There is even a sweet little article about me:

Picture 8

You can read the complete article here. I've been working on a few of the projects already and I can't wait to share them! Are there any projects that you would like to see? Maybe just topics if not specific projects, like home decor, fashion, toys, gifts? I would love to hear your suggestions, please comment!

Condom Fashion Show Part 2

Happy Saturday! Here's a quick recap of the fashion show and final outfit. We met up numerous times over the course of a few months and finally pulled everything together the night before the show. I was really pleased with how everything came out, especially considering that it was our first attempt. I didn't get magnificent shots of the outfit at the show so the finished pics are from my living room, and all of the shots of the other outfits were taken in the dressing room.





We thought for sure that this blue prom gown would take 1st. In our opinions she was robbed. It should be noted that the first place dress was incredible as well, we just thought the prom dress would have been first.


Yes, that is a Michael Jackson outfit on the left. The center model was 79 and absolutely darling. The model on the right won 1st place.



There was a great speaker before the show.


Teel did an amazing job on the runway. Absolutely flawless! We were thankful for a short runway since she was on skates, but I don't think it would have mattered if it had been taller. She skated smoothly the whole way.


I learned a lot during this process. If we attempt it again there are definitely things I would do differently. For one, I tried to avoid using my machine as much as possible because I was worried about the latex damaging it, but after sewing the bit I did and then talking with the other contestants I think it would have been fine. The other issue that we didn't consider initially was the powder. All of the condoms were covered inside and our with powder. Since I was avoiding using my machine, and because we thought it would go faster, we ended up hot gluing most of the condoms to the corset. The powder made this incredibly difficult and we spent a great deal of time wiping the condoms down with damp paper towels. I now think sewing them would have been better all around. Oh well, I'm still proud of our finished outfit!

Spring is finally starting to peek out so I'm going to head out now to enjoy it. Have a great evening!

February 17, 2011

Condom Fashion Show Part 1

A few months ago a member of my roller derby league posted information about a fashion show being held by her work place that was calling for submissions. She works for Bethany Place, a local non-profit AIDS service organization. They focus on promoting wellness and aiding those living with HIV/AIDS in our area. They are a really great organization and I joined a small group of girls interested in working together to make an outfit for their fund-raising fashion show.

We were given around 400 condoms in assorted colors to assemble into a wearable garment that would not only be worn on the runway the night of the fashion show, but also travel to other fashion shows to continue spreading awareness once the night was over. We decided to create a roller derby outfit and submit it in the nightlife category. Here are some progress photos:




We decided on two pieces: a corset and tutu. We used elastic, tulle and interfacing to create a base and then used the condoms to build from there. It was my first time using grommets in a garment. So thankful no one saw them up close!


I have practice tonight, but I'll post part two soon with our pics of the finished outfit and all of the other entries. I was really impressed with a number of them!

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

For those that were curious, here is the Valentine I packed up for February's giveaway winner.

Valentines Giveaway


  • Cupcake liners, sprinkles & toppers
  • Lemon Grass Bath Fizzy
  • Valentine pink nail polish
  • Sora Coffee Cozy
  • Kalidarling sticker pack
  • Reese's Hearts, Dove hearts  & Dark Chocolate bars
  • A talking "Fred" pen
  • Chalk board coffee mug with chalk
  • Valentine Science experiment test tube (featuring the coolest experiment ever: Making real ice from water - too funny to not buy)

Congrats again to Jen, and to everyone - keep checking back with monthly giveaways there will be plenty more chances to win!

Tonight I have practice so I'll be heading out soon with treats for the girls. Last night Jeff and I exchanged gifts and I got these beautiful orange roses, candy and a surplus of Burt Bees. Loves!


I bought him a game he'd been eyeing and a custom cookie from a local baker.

I hope everyone has an awesome day and remembers that valentines day can be spent with all loved ones including friends, family and yourself!


That being said I am totally taking some time later tonight for a much need home manicure. This whole growing my nails out thing is much harder than it sounded.

Bento #11

Valentines Bento!

Bento #11

-Spaghetti with Homemade Veggie Bolognese
-Golden Raisin, Fennel, Semolina & Sesame Crustini
-Straight Up Love

I picked up the bread at a local bakery here. The combo sounds a little out there, but I've never bought anything there that wasn't incredible so I gave it a shot. Sooo worth it! While I was there I also scored these cookies:


February 13, 2011

That's Awesome! - Valentine Edition!

Valentines Day is tomorrow! Are you prepared? If you are in a panic to procure some cards for tomorrow, but are avoiding store bought cards like the plague, fear not! Here are my top five free valentine downloads. Just print, snip and sign!

1. These brilliant fruit stickers by twig and thistle. Great alternative to candy, and crazy simple!

2. Cute collection from One Charming Party.

3. Dreamy vintage valentine collection from Vintage Holiday Crafts.

4. My inner dork swoons over this collection by Style Crush.

5. Pretty valentine girls from the Black Apple.

I have practice tomorrow, but I've wrapped Jeff's valentine and have a special dinner planned out. Do you have any exciting plans for tomorrow?

February 12, 2011

Sunny Days!

This weekend we are expected to see high temps in the 50's! I seriously can't wait! The dogs have been so amped up to get out of the house. I can't wait to start talking walks and going to the park again. The back yard is just not cutting it. Here are a few shots I took on my snow day during snowagedon. We really did miss virtually all of the storm, but it was pretty to be surrounded by what looked like mounds of sanding sugar.






Hopefully by the end of the weekend this will all be melted. We'll probably see a few more uber cold or snowy days, but spring is coming, and I am ready!

Tonight we have our first bout in the local championship. We are 3-0 so far putting us 1st out of the 4 local teams. Pretty exciting! The bout will sell out, but my super fans have already secured their tickets so I won't have to worry about a weak cheering section. In addition, the cutest fan of all will be in attendance! This will be my nephews second game and the little moose already grew out of the first ARRG gear I bought him. (18 mos. wearing size 3T - no joke!) I'm heading out to pick him up some new gear and then I'll be spending some quality time with the fam. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such amazingly supportive people! I promise to take lots of pics to share.

Have a great Saturday!

February 09, 2011

It's Thrifty, Thrifty, Thrifty.

I've been trying to spend a little more time thrifting recently. A little to save money, a little because I've been seeing a surge of really cute things other people have found, but mostly because I miss it. All throughout high school and college I was a HUGE thrifter. I was a regular at estate sales, junk shops and hidden auctions held in barns. I loved sorting through massive tables cluttered with items and searching for hidden gems. Every time I find something I really adore I always think about it's history, where it came from, who it belonged to, how it ended up there. The mystery is as enchanting as the item itself.

For one reason or another, since moving here, I realized I've hardly thrifted at all. Jumping back into it is out of the question because of my schedule restrains but I have managed to squeeze a few small trips in recently.  In an effort to keep my collections from exploding I've been really strict about purchasing new items. Here are a few photos of things I couldn't justify buying, but really felt like sharing.

Savin' with Style

A Benji bank! I sooo loved all of the Benji movies as a child. I remember watching them over and over. Cute and funny, but not a keeper.

Ric-Rac Garden

This is the hand stitched detailing on a vintage apron I found. I couldn't justify purchasing another apron, but this one was so pretty, so I snapped a picture. I love the use of ric rac for the petals.

Ric-Rac Garden

Anytime I see detailing that is inspiring I always photograph it so I can go back later and try to see how it was done.


I found this mug at one of the last places I stopped. It was too weird to not document. Having taken a number of anthropology courses, I can't help but think about how we, as a culture, will be viewed by other cultures in the future. Antiques are used to define a society and describe how they lived. What will future generations think of us upon seeing this? Who decided this belonged in an antique mall? Who made it in the first place? I don't really want to question what it could mean. I just don't think I'd want to drink my coffee out of it in the morning. :)