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March 31, 2011

DIY: Thrifted Skirt to Apron!

Some thrift stores are immaculately organized and it is very easy to swoop in scan for a specific item and be merrily on your way. Unfortunately, there are a large number of others that look more like my high school bed room than a place of business with items strewn about the place and very little order. If you're new to the process this can be a bit overwhelming. For this month's tutorial we will be taking a trip to the thrift store and this project would be a perfect introduction into the world of thrifting.

Here's what you'll need:


Materials: Thrifted skirt, Blanket binding & decorative trim. Before you begin you'll need a skirt. Head into your local thrift store and start looking for cute skirts with great prints. What's that? You found the perfect one, but its two sizes off? Fear not! For this project size doesn't matter! Use this time to get acquainted with the store, find out how items are arranged, ask if they have special discount days (most do!) The  beauty of this project is that as long as you find a pattern you like, any size skirt will work. 

Now lets get started!


1. Hold your skirt up to yourself to determine how long you would like it. Is it too long? Make a not on how much you'd like to shorten it. Is it too Short? Don't worry, we can adjust that later. Puppy assistants are helpful, but not required.


2. In the last step I determined that my skirt was too long. Here I have it folded over to my desired length and am now determining my width. I like my Aprons to wrap at least half way around my waist. I tend to be a messy cook and like extra coverage. It's all personal preference.

If your skirt is too small to meet your desired width then slit it up one side, making it long enough to get the desired measurement. *Take your skirts construction into consideration before you make that first cut! Does it have back pockets that would be super handy on the front of your apron? If so you'd want to make the cut up the center front of your skirt. What type of closure does it have? Do you want to leave the closure on your apron as a design element or cut it off?


3. Now that you have your measurements it's time to take off all of the unwanted material. If you haven't already, cut the skirt open and trim the sides down to the desired width. Since I decided to shorten my skirt this is also where I removed the excess length from the top.

To do this I measured from the top of the skirt down and marked off the fabric at even intervals all the way across the skirt. Once all of my marks were made I connected the marks and cut on my new line.


3. Now that we have our apron cut out we need to take care of the raw edges on the sides of the apron. Fold the raw edge in to the back of your apron and press flat. I folded mine in about 3/8 of an inch. (Shown at top of photo)


4. For a clean finished edge fold your pressed seam in one more time. Pin in place and sew along the entire width of the edge. Repeat process for the other side. 


4. With the sides finished we'll start on the top. Get out the blanket binding and measure a length that wraps all the way around your waist with enough excess left over for tying. Cut and press.


5. Find the center of your binding and line it up to the center of your apron. Open the binding and start pining the binding to the top of your apron.

Did you have a skirt that was too short? This is where we address that. Instead of having your apron reach all the way into the binding fold, add length by pinning it more towards the bottom of the binding. Use a wider binding - fabric stores offer binding in a wide variety of widths. If all else fails and it's still too short you can always ad a coordinating strip of fabric to the top or bottom of the apron to gain some extra length.

Once the apron is pinned in place sew along the entire exposed edge of the binding making sure to fold in the edges at the ends.


6. Now the fun part! Grab your trim and dress up your apron! For mine I hand sewed extra sequins on and machine sewed some gold ric-rac along the edges.



Apron complete! I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you use it to make your own apron I'd love to see your finished results!

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