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May 30, 2011

DIY Embroidered Greeting Cards

This year one of my goals was to write more Thank You's. I love how personal and sincere hand written notes are, and handmade is even better! For this tutorial I machine embroidered my cards using a sewing machine with fancy stitches. That said, it would be a breeze to convert the steps for a straight stitch sewing machine or hand embroidery.


Let's get started!


Materials: - Blank Cards/Paper - Embroidery Thread - Sewing Needle - Scissors - Craft Glue - Buttons/Decorative Paper (Optional) IMG_2096

1. Pick out a cute stitch or plan out a cute design and then start stitching it right onto the front of the card. If you are concerned with making straight lines either lightly draw them in pencil with a ruler before you start or use the measurement guides on your machine as you sew.

DIY Embroidered Greeting Cards

2. Once you've finished embroidering your design embellish with buttons, trim, yo-yo's or pen drawings. Trim off your thread ends and secure in place with a dab of craft glue. If you don't want the backs of your stitches to show, line the inside of your card with decorative paper cut to fit.

DIY Embroidered Greeting Cards

Super easy! If you decide to try the tutorial, post pics for me to see. Hope you have fun!


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super cute. i think this is an awesome idea. ive yet to make it past sewing simple curtains though haha. first time here and love your blog btw!

I love your button flowers!! they are so cute! I've got flower shaped buttons and youve got my imagination going now... thanks for posting such a great project!

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