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June 27, 2011

Thrifting Detour (Part 1)

Remember when we went camping a few weeks ago? We stayed near a small town at the base of the Ozarks called Steelville. It is within a few miles of three different rivers so, while it may not draw huge crowds on it's own, it does get a lot of through traffic from people traveling to the rivers for float trips.


It's obvious that the main street through town has received some renovations in recent years, but thankfully not enough to steal from it's small town charm. We drove into town for breakfast one morning and were guided to a small restaurant not much larger than my living room filled with locals that the waitresses all knew by name. There were family rodeo photos lining the front of an antique pie case that looked like it hadn't held pie in at least 40 years.

Every cup of coffee was served in it's own unique mug collected over the years, no doubt, from a thrift store, garage sale or regular patron. I LOVE it when diners do this. It is so much fun to look around at all of the other tables to get a more complete view of the collection. All of the mugs were silently being guarded by an ancient taxidermy squirrel positioned on a shelf high on the wall above them. Somewhere in his past he must have lost the acorn he was holding in the presence of a well intentioned soul, as it is now roughly being held on by a gnarly length of floral wire. :/

I wanted so desperately to take pictures in this place, but it was so busy and sooo tiny that if I'd moved even slightly in my chair I would have either taken out a waitress or moved into someone else's personal space. Hopefully next time it's less crowded so I can snap a few pics. I couldn't stop staring at the squirrel. Seriously.


This is the bank located just down the street from the diner we were at. It's so cute! The rest of the street was lined with small locally owned shops ranging from a soda fountain to a bait shop and peppered throughout were antique shops. Awesome. I'll show you what we found in part 2!

Hope you're easing into the work week comfortably! - Kali


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