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10 posts from September 2011

September 29, 2011

Bento #22


- Seasoned Veggie Crumbles
- Braised Cabbage and Apples
- Egg Noodles with Peas

I just realized that this looks like toddler food. It was still good. After my trip to the orchard last week I ended up with 20 lbs of apples. What do you do with 20 lbs of apples? Cook and bake them into every food item you consume for the next month of course! I'll have to post the braised cabbage and apple recipe later. It's probably not what you'd be expecting and it's delicious. We were huddled around the pan picking little bites out while we waited for it to finish cooking. It was that good.

September 28, 2011

Soup's On!

Sorry for my recent silence. I think my internet service provider has it out for me - in that they aren't providing me with internet service. I've spent multiple hours on the phone each day for the past four days and it's still not resolved. I'm still working on it. Ugh, lets talk about nicer things...

Like cooler weather and homemade soup! I really just love everything about fall. I love fall holidays, fall fashion, trading out tank tops and shorts for sweaters and jeans, pumpkins and apples and the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. Crisp cool mornings are refreshing and I swear they make my coffee taste better. The second cooler weather sets in I instantly start craving soup. On our first cool night this year I had some friends over and made a big pot of corn chowder with cheese garlic bread to go alongside it. It was phenomenal!


Tomorrow I'm heading out of town for the weekend. The upside to this is that I'll have a solid internet connection while I'm gone. More posts are on the way I promise! Including a new outfit and favorite places post. Hope your week is treating you well!

P.S. What's your favorite fall weather soup? I need to start stock piling ideas for the next batch!

September 22, 2011

That's Awesome!


Top 5 things that currently inspire or amuse me:

1. Fall boots! I'm currently on a spending freeze trying to save up for my New York trip, but these Nine West Vermilion Riding boots are dreamy!

2. These nails from The Berry. I've been so good about my nails recently. I look down and can't believe I'm looking at my own hands! I'll post some new pics soon.

3. This Pumpkin Chili recipe from Iron Stef. It sounds so delicious and this time of year I can't get enough pumpkin. While you're jotting down this recipe take a minute to peek at the rest of her blog. Food lovers goldmine!


4. Planning my Halloween costume! This is a picture of a dinosaur costume I made for Elliot a few years back. She won second place in a costume contest. This year I'm going to be a dinosaur also, but my costume will be a bit more involved. Excited!!


5. Outdoor movies! I'm squeezing the most out of the last warm days we have. A local community group has been hosting free outdoor movies once a month. This month we saw Persepolis. Next month is the final film and they'll be showing Toy Story. I can't wait! There is a lot to be said about watching a movie under the stars with all of your friends and great Thai takeout!

My Mom is in town tonight helping me organize so I'm signing out. Hope your week is going well! Mine hasn't been too bad but I'm antsy to pick apples this weekend!

September 18, 2011

Photo Dump

If you follow me on twitter you've probably already seen all of these, but if you don't here's a little glimpse into this past week.


I've been tandem biking with my cousin Ginny Thursday nights as my cross training for the warrior dash. The bike is ancient and weighs a ton but it's magenta with sparkly silver seats - you have to love it!


My favorite salesman in the office brought me back some new key caps from one of his trips. This firmly secures his title of "favorite".


Nautical striped nails. I recently bought a slew of Essie polishes, all in shades that remind me of peacocks. I used the Dainty Squids taping method to get my stripes. My attempt at stripes last week was wretched but I thought they looked nice this time.


St. Louis has a surprising number of local brewery's. One of the largest and most popular is Schlafly. I'm really not a fan of beer, but my cousins drove in to attend Schlafly's annual Hops in the City beer tasting so I met up with them and sampled a few. The Raspberry Hefeweizen was my favorite. Hanging out with my cousins is also my favorite. :)


Last night I attended our local men's roller derby championship bout. It was such an exciting game! The GateKeepers have only been around for two years and they're already one of the top ranking teams in the nation. Congrats to the South Grand Slammers our new local champions!

Today I have a list a mile long of things I need to get caught up on. Luckily its rainy and cold outside so I shouldn't be tempted to cast aside all responsibility in favor of picking apples and then spending the rest of the day baking them into things. That will have to wait until next weekend. I love fall!

September 15, 2011

The Squirrels Strike Again.

I'm not sure if you recall me mentioning this before or not, but the squirrels in my neighborhood are crazy. I've traveled the U.S. pretty extensively since high school. Having slept in every continental U.S. state at least once, but usually multiple days, and then having had the opportunity to live in multiple cities throughout the Midwest I feel like I have a fair grasp on the behaviors of common fauna.

My college campus was littered with squirrels. They out numbered the human population at least 3 to 1. There were whole comics devoted to them in local papers. The population explosion was easy to understand. The campus was located in the center of the Shenandoah forest with large portions of the campus remaining heavily wooded. Temperatures were usually mild and the students were always willing to hand out a free meal to a woodland friend. It was very common to pass a few students hand feeding squirrels pop-tarts or pizza crusts almost anywhere you went. I'm not saying that I encourage this behavior, just that it happened, frequently.

With the squirrels being that familiar with the human population there were bound to be some extra ordinary encounters between the two. I heard a number of stories of squirrels treating humans like trees and bounding off of them mid sprint before hitting the next tree in their path like pin balls. Or of squirrels chasing each other and getting so lost in their own activities that they just stopped paying attention to where they were going and crashing right into students like little furry missiles. Squirrels would enter dorm rooms or refuse to give up their places on park benches. These are all strange, but pretty benign activities.

The squirrels in my neighborhood are different. They are stealthy, and aggressive and apparently possess indestructible stomachs. When I take my dogs outside they bark at them from the tree tops and then proceed to throw twigs and nuts at us until we leave. They scale the walls of my apartment upside down and knock on my windows. They eat my lawn furniture. Wooden chairs! Why would a squirrel eat a wooden chair?

I haven't been able to hang Christmas lights the entire time I've lived here. The first Year I put them out entwined with fake leaves and the squirrels ate the light bulbs. I thought they might have been confused by the leaves, but surely they learned their lesson. The bulbs are made of glass and I found no dead squirrels. The next day I put the leaves out again this time with fresh lights. Same result. The third day I left the leaves off thinking the squirrels just couldn't handle them. They STILL ate the bulbs! They will viciously attack anything I leave on my porch from furniture to lights to pumpkins and now apparently my plants.

For some reason, up to this point, they've basically ignored my plants. Go figure. Every now and then they'll do a little digging or steal some moss. Today they went all out. Half of the dirt in my coffee plant is gone and Oscar, my Christmas cactus, took a brutal beating. It looks like I'll be doing some replanting this weekend, and probably making room for some plants inside the apartment.



September 11, 2011

My Renegade Chicago Trip

Chicago's renegade craft fair was this weekend. I had seriously considered going but talked myself out of it to save funds for an upcoming trip to New York. When I found out that one of my favorite bands from my youth was playing a free show the same weekend just blocks away from renegade all bets were off. I threw a few items (most notable: cookies, propel and an embarrassing amount of nail polish) into a bag, loaded some audio books onto the ipad and headed out the door.

Everyone has a band or a collection of songs that brings back strong fond memories. For me, The Get Up Kids fall under this category. There are a hand full of their albums that were the sound track to some of the happiest periods of my life. I will ALWAYS love them. I can't hear some of their songs without laughing or grinning like a maniac. I clearly remember the day their break up was announced. It was devastating. As much as I loved them I hadn't ever made it to a live show due one silly reason or another. It was crushing to think that I wouldn't ever see them live.

When I found out they'd reformed they instantly went onto my bucket list. I had to see them before I died. None of us were getting any younger so my opportunities were feeling slimmer. Saturday's show was amazing. I headed straight to the front of the stage with the rest of the die hard super fans where we jumped and danced and sang along to every word. They played a few tracks off of the new album, but there were a lot of songs from the old albums, my two favorites among them. Truly awesome show!






We headed out this morning for brunch before hitting the craft fair. I somehow always forget how warm it is at Renegade every year. For some reason I always think I should be chilly and dress too warmly. This year was no exception and I walked around melting in a sweater and scarf. Maybe next year I'll learn.


The booths this year were incredible! I was super excited to see Shawn and Jen of Shawnimals again. As well as a number of my favorite screen printers and fellow crafters from my days working with Chicago's Dep-Art-Ment sales. I also really loved getting the chance to meet Elsie, Rachel and Emma from Red Velvet. I always get a little tongue tied when meeting new people that I admire. Hopefully I wasn't too awkward!

Since I really am supposed to be saving money for my New York trip I strictly limited how much I was allowed to spend at renegade and managed to only walk away with one small print and a couple of stickers. I really love the print though, I couldn't pass it by.


A little Twin Peaks reference. I love Agent Cooper. <3

There really were so many inspiring things there. Next year I'll be sure to plan my trip a little better so I can bring some more of it home. I might even register for a booth!

September 09, 2011

Water Soluble Thread - It's Magical!

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know about a new post I have up on Totally Stichin'. It introduces you to water soluble thread and then walks you through how to use it. You can read it here.


It's like a magic wand for your sewing kit. I kid you not.

This weekend I'm switching out my fall clothes just in time to head to Renegade Chicago. Are any of you heading up there? If so tweet at me! I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favorite crafters! I should also have a some posts with fall ideas and pics from my trip. Talk to you soon!

September 05, 2011

New Shop Update!

I finally posted some new items to my Etsy shop including some cuper cute plush! Check them out here.


1. Plush_Brevis_Sleepy, 2. Plush_Spike, 3. Tshirt_Spider, 4. Plush_Brevis

September 03, 2011

Hour by Hour

I was a little disappointed to see that virtually all of my instagram pictures were of food the other day. Today I tried branching out a little bit and taking one photo per hour of things that I did during the day. Mind you, this was a pretty slow Saturday. There are still a number of food shots, but eh, I like food. Here is what my day looked like:


7:00 am - Puppy face. I almost always wake up to tiny paws and cold noses gently prodding my face asking to go outside.


8:00 am - First cup of coffee of the day. Browsing emails and recent events in the lives of my friends.


9:00 am - Laundry. Like Whoa.


10:00 am - I put my hair up in pin curls after I got out of the shower in preparation for an event later in the evening.


11:00 am - Blog. Write a few posts and brainstorm some others. Also, there is more coffee - I'm on my third cup here.


12:00 noon - Break for lunch - veggie blt. Yum.


1:00 pm - Take another break from blogging to weave in some loose ends on the never ending french toast scarf I'm making. Not joking. I started this thing two years ago, but this is the year, THIS ENDS NOW. Or at least this season, because after about 15 min of weaving I totally went back to the internet.


2:00 pm - Break away from the computer and start sifting through recipes for something to bring to the party.


3:00 pm - I decided on cupcakes and cocktails. Mayan Chocolate Espresso. <3


4:00 pm - Pin curls = Bigger hair. Awesome.


5:00 pm - Working on a shop update for tomorrow so I take inventory of what I have and what I should make next.


6:00 pm - Cupcakes are iced! I might have also brewed a little more coffee. Cupcakes are great with coffee!


7:00 pm - Heading out to grab my final cocktail ingredients.

I'm heading out to my party now, hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend!

September's blog posts are looking good, be sure to check back!

September 01, 2011

Bento #21

Bento #21

- Chickpea Burger
- Cucumber Salad
- Steamed Corn

I've noticed that since I've been working out more I've turned into a bottomless pit. I find myself absolutely starving all the time. To counter act this I've been trying to bump up my protein intake. I made these burgers after one of my work outs this week and they were perfect - delicious & filling.

I used this recipe with a few modifications. I used whole grain bread in place of white, chives in place of scallions, and then added 1/2 tsp red pepper flake for some heat. I also threw in some extra almonds for added texture. Instead of eating them with Mayo we chose mustard and Sriracha hot sauce with lettuce and tomato. So good!

The cucumber salad on the side is literally just cucumbers, greek yogurt, salt and pepper. The cold creaminess was perfect against all the heat I added to the burgers. I'll be making these again.