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September 03, 2011

Hour by Hour

I was a little disappointed to see that virtually all of my instagram pictures were of food the other day. Today I tried branching out a little bit and taking one photo per hour of things that I did during the day. Mind you, this was a pretty slow Saturday. There are still a number of food shots, but eh, I like food. Here is what my day looked like:


7:00 am - Puppy face. I almost always wake up to tiny paws and cold noses gently prodding my face asking to go outside.


8:00 am - First cup of coffee of the day. Browsing emails and recent events in the lives of my friends.


9:00 am - Laundry. Like Whoa.


10:00 am - I put my hair up in pin curls after I got out of the shower in preparation for an event later in the evening.


11:00 am - Blog. Write a few posts and brainstorm some others. Also, there is more coffee - I'm on my third cup here.


12:00 noon - Break for lunch - veggie blt. Yum.


1:00 pm - Take another break from blogging to weave in some loose ends on the never ending french toast scarf I'm making. Not joking. I started this thing two years ago, but this is the year, THIS ENDS NOW. Or at least this season, because after about 15 min of weaving I totally went back to the internet.


2:00 pm - Break away from the computer and start sifting through recipes for something to bring to the party.


3:00 pm - I decided on cupcakes and cocktails. Mayan Chocolate Espresso. <3


4:00 pm - Pin curls = Bigger hair. Awesome.


5:00 pm - Working on a shop update for tomorrow so I take inventory of what I have and what I should make next.


6:00 pm - Cupcakes are iced! I might have also brewed a little more coffee. Cupcakes are great with coffee!


7:00 pm - Heading out to grab my final cocktail ingredients.

I'm heading out to my party now, hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend!

September's blog posts are looking good, be sure to check back!


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Oh my goodness! Our little puppy does the same freaking thing...too cute! I've realized that if I don't look him in the eye I get to sleep like 10 minutes more. lol

I know he has a tiny bladder so I give in & let him poke me so I'll get up. I can almost hear him saying 'c'mon! I gotta go potty!!'


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