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September 11, 2011

My Renegade Chicago Trip

Chicago's renegade craft fair was this weekend. I had seriously considered going but talked myself out of it to save funds for an upcoming trip to New York. When I found out that one of my favorite bands from my youth was playing a free show the same weekend just blocks away from renegade all bets were off. I threw a few items (most notable: cookies, propel and an embarrassing amount of nail polish) into a bag, loaded some audio books onto the ipad and headed out the door.

Everyone has a band or a collection of songs that brings back strong fond memories. For me, The Get Up Kids fall under this category. There are a hand full of their albums that were the sound track to some of the happiest periods of my life. I will ALWAYS love them. I can't hear some of their songs without laughing or grinning like a maniac. I clearly remember the day their break up was announced. It was devastating. As much as I loved them I hadn't ever made it to a live show due one silly reason or another. It was crushing to think that I wouldn't ever see them live.

When I found out they'd reformed they instantly went onto my bucket list. I had to see them before I died. None of us were getting any younger so my opportunities were feeling slimmer. Saturday's show was amazing. I headed straight to the front of the stage with the rest of the die hard super fans where we jumped and danced and sang along to every word. They played a few tracks off of the new album, but there were a lot of songs from the old albums, my two favorites among them. Truly awesome show!






We headed out this morning for brunch before hitting the craft fair. I somehow always forget how warm it is at Renegade every year. For some reason I always think I should be chilly and dress too warmly. This year was no exception and I walked around melting in a sweater and scarf. Maybe next year I'll learn.


The booths this year were incredible! I was super excited to see Shawn and Jen of Shawnimals again. As well as a number of my favorite screen printers and fellow crafters from my days working with Chicago's Dep-Art-Ment sales. I also really loved getting the chance to meet Elsie, Rachel and Emma from Red Velvet. I always get a little tongue tied when meeting new people that I admire. Hopefully I wasn't too awkward!

Since I really am supposed to be saving money for my New York trip I strictly limited how much I was allowed to spend at renegade and managed to only walk away with one small print and a couple of stickers. I really love the print though, I couldn't pass it by.


A little Twin Peaks reference. I love Agent Cooper. <3

There really were so many inspiring things there. Next year I'll be sure to plan my trip a little better so I can bring some more of it home. I might even register for a booth!


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found your blog on dainty squid ;) I would love to follow each other!!!


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