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September 18, 2011

Photo Dump

If you follow me on twitter you've probably already seen all of these, but if you don't here's a little glimpse into this past week.


I've been tandem biking with my cousin Ginny Thursday nights as my cross training for the warrior dash. The bike is ancient and weighs a ton but it's magenta with sparkly silver seats - you have to love it!


My favorite salesman in the office brought me back some new key caps from one of his trips. This firmly secures his title of "favorite".


Nautical striped nails. I recently bought a slew of Essie polishes, all in shades that remind me of peacocks. I used the Dainty Squids taping method to get my stripes. My attempt at stripes last week was wretched but I thought they looked nice this time.


St. Louis has a surprising number of local brewery's. One of the largest and most popular is Schlafly. I'm really not a fan of beer, but my cousins drove in to attend Schlafly's annual Hops in the City beer tasting so I met up with them and sampled a few. The Raspberry Hefeweizen was my favorite. Hanging out with my cousins is also my favorite. :)


Last night I attended our local men's roller derby championship bout. It was such an exciting game! The GateKeepers have only been around for two years and they're already one of the top ranking teams in the nation. Congrats to the South Grand Slammers our new local champions!

Today I have a list a mile long of things I need to get caught up on. Luckily its rainy and cold outside so I shouldn't be tempted to cast aside all responsibility in favor of picking apples and then spending the rest of the day baking them into things. That will have to wait until next weekend. I love fall!


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