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November 28, 2011

Getting Festive

Remember those toys I was raving about a few weeks ago? Last week I finally got around to buying them! I had a minor panic attack when I got to the holiday isle and only found Rudolf, thinking I'd waited too long and missed out. Luckily, the sweetest girl went back into the stock room and dug through multiple boxes to find me a complete collection. She was an absolute doll! I made sure I found her manager before I left to brag about how awesome she was.

Here's a shot of them all together. They're larger than I expected, each standing about 4" high, but they're so cute! You'll be seeing them dispersed throughout my house in my holiday decorating pics shortly.


If you've been reading for a while you might remember last years Deep Sea Tree, where I went completely overboard on my tree theme and ended up sewing all of my ornaments and a tree topper. This year I picked another kitsch theme that will require me to sew some ornaments, just not quite as many as last year. Added bonus for you... I'll be posting a free pattern on the Totally Stitchin' blog for one of the ornaments! I'll let you know when it goes up. In the mean time here's a teaser pic of this years theme.


Any guesses as to what it is? I made the unfortunate discovery last night that the dogs now know how to climb the furniture and eat ornaments directly off of the tree. I spent some time tonight rearranging the ornaments I already had up and I'll have to reconsider my set up for this year. C'est la vie. I'll be posting more pics as I make more progress.


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Those toys are so cute! From Santa Claus s Coming to Town! I never miss a year of seeing this movie. A true classic.

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