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August 05, 2012

I'm pinning for you...

As soon as I found out about pinterest I requested an invite. At the time it was not open to the public and I had to be put on a wait list to finally get an account. Since that day I have used pinterest almost on a daily basis and with the most recent bug fixes on the phone app I use it even more!

For those of you that aren't familiar with pinterest it is essentially a giant cork board for you to use to organize the internet. As you surf the web looking for inspiration, recipes, a laugh or the next big sale, you have the opportunity to pin things that you find and like to a board that you've created on your profile. Each pinned item includes a photo, caption and link back to the original place you found it.

As an avid blog reader, I am always coming across cute ideas, recipes or stories that I would like to read. With pinterest I can store all of them in one place for quick reference. I also use it a lot to hold inspiration images for new projects I'm working on. I have had whole boards dedicated to various color combinations.

Once you open you account and start pinning you have the option to follow other pinners. When you choose to follow someone all of their pins show up in your home feed and you have the option to repin the any of the items that that they've liked. The whole process is addictive. It's easy to pop on just for a few minutes and find yourself three hours later wallowing around at the bottom of the internet surrounded by Ryan Gossling "Hey Girl" posters, but if used correctly, I'd recommend it to anyone!

This week alone I made these pinterest recipes:

Dirty Pirate popsicles -


Crushed Potatoes -


Moded a t-shirt for a charity event using this tutorial -

Source: andreasteed.com via Kali on Pinterest


And fell in love with this bunny -


Oh pinterest, if you could just shed a few million images of crayons melted on canvases and tacky maternity photos you'd be perfect, but I still think what we have is pretty special!

You can follow me on pinterest here.


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