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January 17, 2013

There will be blood...

Generally speaking, cold weather turns me into a crabby irrational hermit. I despise being cold and living in an ancient, drafty apartment just makes me curl up in wad of blankets muttering  and growling at passers by for the majority of the winter months. This is tradition. Which is why I was recently surprised by a blast of inspiration I've been feeling. I haven't been this motivated in a looong time! I suddenly have a million ideas and trying to keep them logged in my idea note book has been a challenge. My inspiration overfloweth!

The inspiration has been coming from everywhere, but the top item this morning has been papercuts. Here are a few for reference:

Beautiful bunny by: Elsa Mora

Picture 1

I've posted about Jayme McGowan's work before. I still think she is incredible.

Perfect monsters by: Patrick Gannon.

I've never attempted a paper cut illustration of my own, and we all know how graceful and all around accident prone I am so... I've started stock piling band-aids. Let's do this!