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January 17, 2013

There will be blood...

Generally speaking, cold weather turns me into a crabby irrational hermit. I despise being cold and living in an ancient, drafty apartment just makes me curl up in wad of blankets muttering  and growling at passers by for the majority of the winter months. This is tradition. Which is why I was recently surprised by a blast of inspiration I've been feeling. I haven't been this motivated in a looong time! I suddenly have a million ideas and trying to keep them logged in my idea note book has been a challenge. My inspiration overfloweth!

The inspiration has been coming from everywhere, but the top item this morning has been papercuts. Here are a few for reference:

Beautiful bunny by: Elsa Mora

Picture 1

I've posted about Jayme McGowan's work before. I still think she is incredible.

Perfect monsters by: Patrick Gannon.

I've never attempted a paper cut illustration of my own, and we all know how graceful and all around accident prone I am so... I've started stock piling band-aids. Let's do this!

December 13, 2011

Free Hedgehog Ornament Pattern!

As promised, my ornament pattern posted on Totally Stichin' today!


Download the free pattern here!

November 04, 2011

Toys & Terrariums

I changed up my fall decorating a bit this year by replacing all of my live flower vases with terrariums built in vases. I picked up some dry moss at the dollar store, but was able to find everything else I needed in my apartment or outside. I really loved how they turned out!

Halloween Decor


Halloween Decor


I liked the terrariums so well I used the pebbles and moss in some remaining vases with candles. Kind of a fun new way to showcase some of my favorite toys!

September 11, 2011

My Renegade Chicago Trip

Chicago's renegade craft fair was this weekend. I had seriously considered going but talked myself out of it to save funds for an upcoming trip to New York. When I found out that one of my favorite bands from my youth was playing a free show the same weekend just blocks away from renegade all bets were off. I threw a few items (most notable: cookies, propel and an embarrassing amount of nail polish) into a bag, loaded some audio books onto the ipad and headed out the door.

Everyone has a band or a collection of songs that brings back strong fond memories. For me, The Get Up Kids fall under this category. There are a hand full of their albums that were the sound track to some of the happiest periods of my life. I will ALWAYS love them. I can't hear some of their songs without laughing or grinning like a maniac. I clearly remember the day their break up was announced. It was devastating. As much as I loved them I hadn't ever made it to a live show due one silly reason or another. It was crushing to think that I wouldn't ever see them live.

When I found out they'd reformed they instantly went onto my bucket list. I had to see them before I died. None of us were getting any younger so my opportunities were feeling slimmer. Saturday's show was amazing. I headed straight to the front of the stage with the rest of the die hard super fans where we jumped and danced and sang along to every word. They played a few tracks off of the new album, but there were a lot of songs from the old albums, my two favorites among them. Truly awesome show!






We headed out this morning for brunch before hitting the craft fair. I somehow always forget how warm it is at Renegade every year. For some reason I always think I should be chilly and dress too warmly. This year was no exception and I walked around melting in a sweater and scarf. Maybe next year I'll learn.


The booths this year were incredible! I was super excited to see Shawn and Jen of Shawnimals again. As well as a number of my favorite screen printers and fellow crafters from my days working with Chicago's Dep-Art-Ment sales. I also really loved getting the chance to meet Elsie, Rachel and Emma from Red Velvet. I always get a little tongue tied when meeting new people that I admire. Hopefully I wasn't too awkward!

Since I really am supposed to be saving money for my New York trip I strictly limited how much I was allowed to spend at renegade and managed to only walk away with one small print and a couple of stickers. I really love the print though, I couldn't pass it by.


A little Twin Peaks reference. I love Agent Cooper. <3

There really were so many inspiring things there. Next year I'll be sure to plan my trip a little better so I can bring some more of it home. I might even register for a booth!

September 09, 2011

Water Soluble Thread - It's Magical!

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know about a new post I have up on Totally Stichin'. It introduces you to water soluble thread and then walks you through how to use it. You can read it here.


It's like a magic wand for your sewing kit. I kid you not.

This weekend I'm switching out my fall clothes just in time to head to Renegade Chicago. Are any of you heading up there? If so tweet at me! I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favorite crafters! I should also have a some posts with fall ideas and pics from my trip. Talk to you soon!

September 05, 2011

New Shop Update!

I finally posted some new items to my Etsy shop including some cuper cute plush! Check them out here.


1. Plush_Brevis_Sleepy, 2. Plush_Spike, 3. Tshirt_Spider, 4. Plush_Brevis

September 03, 2011

Hour by Hour

I was a little disappointed to see that virtually all of my instagram pictures were of food the other day. Today I tried branching out a little bit and taking one photo per hour of things that I did during the day. Mind you, this was a pretty slow Saturday. There are still a number of food shots, but eh, I like food. Here is what my day looked like:


7:00 am - Puppy face. I almost always wake up to tiny paws and cold noses gently prodding my face asking to go outside.


8:00 am - First cup of coffee of the day. Browsing emails and recent events in the lives of my friends.


9:00 am - Laundry. Like Whoa.


10:00 am - I put my hair up in pin curls after I got out of the shower in preparation for an event later in the evening.


11:00 am - Blog. Write a few posts and brainstorm some others. Also, there is more coffee - I'm on my third cup here.


12:00 noon - Break for lunch - veggie blt. Yum.


1:00 pm - Take another break from blogging to weave in some loose ends on the never ending french toast scarf I'm making. Not joking. I started this thing two years ago, but this is the year, THIS ENDS NOW. Or at least this season, because after about 15 min of weaving I totally went back to the internet.


2:00 pm - Break away from the computer and start sifting through recipes for something to bring to the party.


3:00 pm - I decided on cupcakes and cocktails. Mayan Chocolate Espresso. <3


4:00 pm - Pin curls = Bigger hair. Awesome.


5:00 pm - Working on a shop update for tomorrow so I take inventory of what I have and what I should make next.


6:00 pm - Cupcakes are iced! I might have also brewed a little more coffee. Cupcakes are great with coffee!


7:00 pm - Heading out to grab my final cocktail ingredients.

I'm heading out to my party now, hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend!

September's blog posts are looking good, be sure to check back!

August 18, 2011

PPR Challenge 2 Completed

Here's the finished pic I promised for challenge 2. This week I was really busy and wasn't able to take on the 3rd challenge. In all honesty, I wasn't that disappointed. I don't know how many of you actually watch the show, but last weeks episode may have been the biggest real slip they've had since the series started. The challenge was stilts. They designed runway outfits for people on stilts. Then the designers that got too campy and costumesque were frowned upon. Really? Stilts?

Why were they surprised when they weren't taken seriously? I really hope this isn't the start of a downward spiral. The episode that when reviewed by the producers hints that it might be time to call it quits. Ugh, I miss Santiago, and Christian. To be fair, I probably miss Christians tattoos more than the boy himself. Do you remember the squid? LOVE.

I digress... The challenge was to create an outfit from supplies purchased at a pet store. This is what I made:

Challenge 2 - Materials

Challenge2 - Completed

Challenge2 - Completed

Challenge2 - Completed

Challenge2 - Completed

August 12, 2011

Project Project Runway

I've spent the last few nights working on my submission for the second challenge in this year's Project Project Runway. Try saying that 5 times fast. Project Project Runway was created by Kat and Susi from Just Crafty Enough. Each week they ask contestants to create a doll sized outfit that follows the guidelines issued to the real designers on the show and then upload photos of the dolls wearing the outfits to their flickr photo page.

This week's challenge was to create an outfit using materials from a pet shop. Here are a few progress pics. I'll post my finished outfit later this evening.

Challenge 2 - Materials



One last day to enter to win an Instax Mini camera in my Birthday giveaway! Winner will be drawn on Sunday!

June 22, 2011

Guys Night Out

My cousin Johnny got married a few weeks ago. I attended his bachelor party along with his two sisters and two additional female friends. The evening included dinner, a ball game, some bar hopping, a city tour in a stretch limo and a private hotel party. In an effort to blend in with the rest of the group we crafted some disguises. They worked perfectly.






It's hard to believe that my Snoopy collecting, Troll Village building, Barbie foot eating cousin is married now, but he is, and she is lovely. Best of wishes to them both! <3