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August 10, 2011

Movie Nights

The other night before going to see Cowboys and Aliens I went ot My cousin Ginny's house for dinner. We couldn't decide what we were hungry for so we just made everything that sounded good. We ended up with pan seared tofu, a tangy stir fry and veggie BLT's. It was amazing!



In general I am not a fan of mayonnaise. There's just something about it that grosses me out. I always order my sandwiches dry and really only eat it if it's completely hidden in something like potato salad. That being said, Ginny got some out for the BLT's so I added the tiniest smear and actually enjoyed it.

We saw the movie at the Moolah Lounge. The building was originally a Shriner's temple, but was converted into movie theatre in 2004. They have a bar & a bowling alley in the basement. This was my first time attending a movie there and I can't believe I hadn't gone sooner. I guess I thought it was just a bar with a few big screen TVs, but that is totally not the case. It's a huge full sized theatre with half of the room void of theatre seats. In their place are large overstuffed leather couches and end tables. They have a regular concession stand for traditional movie fare but also allow you to bring drinks up from the bar. I really don't think I want to visit another theatre after this. It was great!

The movie itself was a little darker than I was expecting with a few torture scenes that were uncomfortable to watch, but the action was incredible. In the first few minutes of the movie the main character pulls off a move that made my jaw drop. I could probably watch it on repeat for hours. I would definitely recommend it.

Last night I went to another movie but this one was a free screening of Spirited Away in a parking lot. It was so much fun! I had had a really stressful day and then raised all of my weights at the gym so I was ready for a relaxing evening. This was the perfect event! Everyone brought lawn chairs and blankets and camped out in front of a giant inflatable screen.


We brought our own drinks and snacks but there were local vendors there selling hot dogs, hamburgers and gelato to anyone that was interested. The weather was perfect and we ended up sitting next to a large group of friends that I didn't know were going. This was the first event in a series. Now I can't wait for the next one!

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