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April 21, 2012

That's Awesome!

Top 5 things that currently amuse or inspire me:


1. The perfect Cuban coffee.

2. The cutest purse ever.


3. Giant collective love notes.


4. Tiny surprise gifts from friends.

5. Broccoli Rabe & Provolone Grinders - It's what's for lunch.

December 01, 2011

That's Awesome!

It's been a while and I could use a recharge so here are the top five things that currently inspire or amuse me:

1. The entire Takkoda website. This mug is exceptional, but I would take any one of the hundreds of items they're pushing. Awesome.

2. Essie's Matte About You polish. One coat on top of any painted nail gives an instant matte finish. LOVE.


3. Assembling my recipe list for this years Marathon Cookie Madness. It's going to be intense. There WILL be unicorns.

4. The Beautiful paper cuts of Jared Andrew Schorr.


5. Scheduled best friend date nights that break up crazy hectic weeks. Cranberry ginger cocktails, home made pizza and new games are a recipe for unwinding.

I'm hoping to have that ornament pattern up early next week, be sure to check back!

September 22, 2011

That's Awesome!


Top 5 things that currently inspire or amuse me:

1. Fall boots! I'm currently on a spending freeze trying to save up for my New York trip, but these Nine West Vermilion Riding boots are dreamy!

2. These nails from The Berry. I've been so good about my nails recently. I look down and can't believe I'm looking at my own hands! I'll post some new pics soon.

3. This Pumpkin Chili recipe from Iron Stef. It sounds so delicious and this time of year I can't get enough pumpkin. While you're jotting down this recipe take a minute to peek at the rest of her blog. Food lovers goldmine!


4. Planning my Halloween costume! This is a picture of a dinosaur costume I made for Elliot a few years back. She won second place in a costume contest. This year I'm going to be a dinosaur also, but my costume will be a bit more involved. Excited!!


5. Outdoor movies! I'm squeezing the most out of the last warm days we have. A local community group has been hosting free outdoor movies once a month. This month we saw Persepolis. Next month is the final film and they'll be showing Toy Story. I can't wait! There is a lot to be said about watching a movie under the stars with all of your friends and great Thai takeout!

My Mom is in town tonight helping me organize so I'm signing out. Hope your week is going well! Mine hasn't been too bad but I'm antsy to pick apples this weekend!

June 12, 2011

That's Awesome!

Top 5 things that currently amuse or inspire me:

Picture 14

1. Elysian Fields Wallpaper designed by Dan Funderburgh. Available for purchase through Flavor Paper. They have a truly unique collection of mostly hand screened wallpapers. Well worth a browse. They're kind of amazing.

2. The Todd Oldham/Charley Harper dish collection at Fishs Eddy. Love, Love, LOVE! Kind of want them all, narrowing it down to a few pieces will be difficult!

3. The art blog of Bill Carman. His work is a little dark and crazy fanciful. I also love that he devotes so many posts to his process. So often I will view an artists work and wonder how they made it. He posts a lot of progress shots as well as variations of the same piece. It's fascinating. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time clicking through his archives.

4. Haagen Dazs Sweet Chai Latte Ice Cream. It's a limited edition and that's good, because my swimsuit is screwed.

5. Hoarders streaming now on Netflix. I'm in the middle of a major apartment purge and this show is keeping me going. Eeps!

We went camping over the weekend. (One more goal checked off!) Since we got home we've been buzzing around catching up on house things: laundry, un-packing, groceries, tidying up and a little more work on the apartment purge. I'm starting to make visual progress. It's pretty exciting. What did you do this weekend?

March 03, 2011

That's Awesome!

Top 5 things that currently inspire or amuse me:


1. The amazing abstract art hand knit by Valerie Anne Molnar.


2. The Parking Lot Movie - (now streaming on Netflix) this reminds me of every retail position I ever held. Completely worth the watch!


3. The Back to the Future photo series by Irina Werning.


4. This collection of Beards on a Stick by: LittleRetreats.

Latest Obsession

5. Almond & pistachio caramel crackle from Whole Foods. I picked it up on a whim and now struggle to not eat the whole package every time I open it. Buttery, salty & sweet. It's a triple threat.

February 13, 2011

That's Awesome! - Valentine Edition!

Valentines Day is tomorrow! Are you prepared? If you are in a panic to procure some cards for tomorrow, but are avoiding store bought cards like the plague, fear not! Here are my top five free valentine downloads. Just print, snip and sign!

1. These brilliant fruit stickers by twig and thistle. Great alternative to candy, and crazy simple!

2. Cute collection from One Charming Party.

3. Dreamy vintage valentine collection from Vintage Holiday Crafts.

4. My inner dork swoons over this collection by Style Crush.

5. Pretty valentine girls from the Black Apple.

I have practice tomorrow, but I've wrapped Jeff's valentine and have a special dinner planned out. Do you have any exciting plans for tomorrow?

January 05, 2011

That's Awesome!

Top 5 things that currently inspire or amuse me:

1. The minimalist Star Wars posters by Justin Van Genderen.

2. The tiniest octopus ever!

La maison de Memi

3. This adorable work space by Memi the Rainbow.

4. Joe Hamilton's crazy crochet portraits!

5. These pretty little egg cups by Gijis.

Tonight I brainstormed for some upcoming projects and started this months tutorial. It's also day five of no nail biting! Be expecting more updates soon!

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December 16, 2010

That's Awesome! - Holiday Edition!

Top five gingerbread houses that currently inspire or amuse me:

1. Super Mario DS Whoa! Close ups available in the link.


NYC - Bronx - New York Botanical Garden: Gingerbread Adventures

3. Space station!

4. Sorting hat gingerbread.

nightmare before christmas gingerbread Pictures, Images and Photos

5. Nightmare Before Christmas house!

I'm not making a gingerbread house this year, but Sunday is my annual cookie marathon baking day. For the past few years my cousin Ginny has been joining me in the madness. This year we've brought in a few friends as well. Which is awesome because with 15 different types of cookies we'll need them! Be expecting a cookie post in the near future.

December 01, 2010

That's Awesome!

Top 5 things that currently inspire or amuse me:

1. This stellar Christmas decor originally posted here.


2. Delicious chocolate peanut butter chip cookies I made for Monday's crafternoon. Yum!

3. These wicked pencil carvings. When I clicked on the link a tiny piece of my head exploded. He made chains! Click on the link! Do it!

4. The fabulous styling in The Good, The Bad, The Weird. Awesome film!

5. Who doesn't love a baby hippo?

November 18, 2010

That's Awesome!

Top 5 things that currently inspire or amuse me:

Elan ... Knitted Neckwarmer / Scarflette - Chocolate Brown

1. This stunning knit scarflette by irregular expresions.

2. The exquisite styling on Madmen.

3. Novembeards! Hahaha!

4. This epic print I recently bought at a craft fair.

5. This charming wall clock originally featured on design sponge.

I'm sewing again tonight. I can't decide if I should make cocoa or coffee...